Astraweb Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”)

The Astraweb AUP describes what is forbidden or not allowed on our services. Customer’s must agree to abide by this policy when registering and using the Astraweb services and keep up with any modifications and changes. Astraweb may change this policy from time to time.

This AUP is part of the Terms of Service for your Astraweb account.

Please protect and be a responsible user of the Astraweb usenet community. Usenet is as diverse as the internet itself and has been around for several decades. We expect Customers to respect the rights and privacy of other people.


Astraweb takes copyright protection seriously and will suspend or terminate a Customer if we receive notice of copyright infringement.

Astraweb is not able and does not review content flowing through our system or stored on our servers.

No exploitation or unreasonable use of the Astraweb Services:

Astraweb may terminate a Customer for unreasonable use of the services. If a customer is unreasonably using an unlimited account, we may cap the Customer’s services or terminate the account.

Astraweb may terminate, suspend, cancel or not renew services for a member without notice. Astraweb will decide what is reasonable use within its sole discretion.

The following uses are forbidden (the list below is instructive and not exhaustive):

  • Sharing accounts is not allowed.
  • Reselling individual accounts
  • Stealing Astraweb services or retention
  • Simultaneous logins from multiple ip addresses
  • Spam
  • Copyright & trademark abuse
  • Child endangerment
  • Deceptive marketing or commercial posts
  • Introducing malware, viruses or any malicious software
  • Falsifying or manipulating header information
  • Posting illegal material
  • Posting abusive, menacing, hateful or defamatory material
  • Any use that appears to be indistinguishable from non-individual use

Abuse Reporting:

Please send reports of abuse to